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ITI Creator

What is ITI Creator?

ITI Creator is web-based platform for teachers to create their own interactive lessons. Created lessons could be used with a variety of interactive hardware technologies like interactive whiteboards, flat panels, interactive tables, and so on. The student can access the learning content through their PCs or mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Why use ITI Creator?

The teachers need new technologies, tools and environments to ensure better visualization and explanation of the learning content. The students have kinetic-visual style of learning and they need and prefer interactive learning content accessible for individual work.

ITI Creator gives teachers the tools to create their interactive lessons in easy and intuitive interface. The platform has the functionality the content to be shared with students’ individual tablets for independent work.

ITI Creator presents the teacher with the following features:

  • Create lessons and organize them in different categories;
  • Add pages;
  • Add background images & colors to pages;
  • Import images which can be resized, rotated and moved around the screen;
  • Import audio and video to create a content-rich lesson;
  • Create hyperlinks within the pages of the lesson;
  • Highlight important subjects which visualize on full screen;
  • Use the Pen and Marker tools to make notes on the page;
  • Draw different figures on the screen and color them;
  • Group/ungroup and lock/unlock objects;
  • Bring objects on the page front and back, and so on.

To create such content-rich lessons the teacher uses file manager environment to upload, manage and organize their multimedia content – images, audio and video files.

The environment is intuitive and easy to work with. There are a variety of resources and help materials.

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